Worktimer 2 – release

Worktimer is featured download at AppleWorktimer is a developer project of mine, which I first wrote in the spring 2005. Its a little utility that keep track of time spent at different projects. Handy if you are working with many clients and different projects for them. It also turns out to be a personal study in development at mac which involves Cocoa and Xcode.For another year I didn’t do so much, except for some bug fixes, but around christmax last year (2005) I started up with the next version. This time Apple had released the Coredata framework together with the 10.4 Tiger, and I felt that these resources was worth try in this version.I was also eager to include some kind of startup screen like the one in  former Macromedia Fireworks. Felt this could that this could make the application more  userfriendly and faster to use. Did also try out some more grapichal buttons, but this was left for plain text-buttons.For maybe a two weeks period I tried out the new version, while I alwas discover new bugs, I gess its part of the developer job.. In the last days before my easter vacation, the debugging seems to be over, but unfortunately it was also very hectic at the office, so I had no time to release it. I just had to hurry up to the mountains for the traditional norwegian holliday.Back from some long and nice crosski tours at Hardangervidda, I spent the last red days doing the last pieces with the application and the online marketing site and text. And at monday 17th april I uploaded it at,, and some other sites. Finally!To my surprice had Apple the next day made it as their main Featured download, and I could not belive my own eyes when I came home late that evening and turned on the iMac. This night I could almost not sleep, it was to much of excitement, but the next morning I still felt like superman at my regular morningworkout.At the best it reached the no. 8th in the total downloads at Apple, and in one week I had 10.000 downloads.

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