Creation of a workout log – the model

For a while I was thinking of making a workout log. An application where you easy can save the data from you different workouts. For both the seriuos and the more intermediate athlete keeping that kind of diary can improve the quality of training, and help train with correct intensity. Not to forget its very nice looking back at earlier record to see improvement.My first attemt to do this was with 3athlete, a simple documentbased mac application. The model (model as in MCV) in 3athlete was:

  • Type (Run, bike, swim..) (A relation in 3athlete, but today I would rather used some kind of tag system)
  • Date
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Speed
  • HR
  • HR Max
  • Calories
  • Notes

Variation in HeartRate values

But the model seems to variate in these kind of application. This model from 3athlete was based on what I then find necessary, and the HR values was based on what data my Polar S210 did record. HR is often devided into 5 zones where 1 is the most easy and 5 is the hardest. In «The triathlete’s training bible» by Joe Friel the HR values is:

  • Time by zone 1
  • Time by zone 2
  • Time by zone 3
  • Time by zone 4
  • Time by zone 5

And in some others I have seen

  • HR1
  • HR2

Where HR1 might be the average and HR2 migth be the efficient value in the workpart of the intervall.

Exterior properties

Together with the above properties you might also want to include exterior date in your single workout-record:

  • Weather
  • Route
  • Temperature

Overall body conditions

Sometimes you might want to store body condition as

  • Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Soreness
  • Morning HR
  • Weight


Summing up, making a might end up with a hole lot of properties in your workout log, and so far I have not mention all the dynamic data your could achieve if you can transimit detaljed data direct from you HR monitor. Myself I think I stick to a model with only the properties from 3athlete, only to change the types to a tag system, so I can keep all in one object. As I plan to make an Flash remote verision that seems like a more easy way of doing it.

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